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About me

Hello I am Casper van Mourik, a Bioinformatics Bachelor of Science. I was born on the 12th of October 1998 and have a Dutch nationality. I am fluent in both Dutch and English. This website will go into detail about my skills and projects I am currently maintaining. Feel free to take a look around! Below me are some buttons that will redirect to other websites containing more information about me.

My skills:

  • Python 2 and 3

    I am both extensively skilled in Python2 and Python3. This also comes with rigorous snakemake pipeline building experience.

  • R

    I am experienced with R and R package development. Also R markdown using R studio. My latest package: GAPGOM.

  • SQL

    I've had experience with both MySQL and SQLite, although database management is not my strong suit.

  • Bash

    I am not too fluent in this language, However I do think that I would be able to get along with some minimal research.

  • Advanced Linux skills

    I have had a lot of hobbying experience maintaining my own Linux server and its software. I know a lot of commands and get around around pretty well with this OS. I am by no means a professional IT Admin however.

  • Java 1.8

    Although I have experience with Java, it not necessarily my favourite language.

  • General web languages like html, css and js

    I know some basic html css and javascript, I can get along with it but it is not my favourite thing to play around with either (yes I mainly like backend).


  • Bioinformatics - Hanze Institute for Life Science & Technology

    Duration: September 2015 - July 2019

    Education level: HBO bachelor

    State: Finished.

    Sources and Books used in studying:

    • Biochemistry A Short Course 3e (Tymoczko Berg Stryer)
    • Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics (3rd Ed)
    • Brock Biology of Microorganisms, 14th Edition- Madigan
    • Campbell Biology 10th Edition
    • Concept of genetics global 11th ed Klug
    • Dale From Genes to Genomes Concepts Applications 3rd
    • Dale J.W., et al. From genes to genomes. Concepts and applications of DNA technology (3ed., Wiley, 2012)
    • Data Mining 4th ed Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques Ian H. Witten, Eibe Frank, Mark A. Hall, Christopher J. Pal
    • Data Structures and Algorithms Using Python - Rance D. Necaise
    • Kuby Immunology 7th Edition
    • Recombinant DNA James D. Watson
    • Statistics for the Life Sciences, Fourth Edition - Myra L. Samuels, Jeffrey A. Witmer, Andrew Schaffner
  • Christelijk Lyceum Veenendaal

    Duration: September 2010 - May 2015

    Education level: Havo - Nature and health (NG)

    State: Finished.

My interests:

  • Programming and fiddling with electronics.

  • Traveling.

  • Trying out different sports.

  • Nature.

  • Helping people.

  • Learning new things - I am curious by nature.